Thoughts on Hario V60: Regular Ceramic and 老岩泥

I bet you have heard or even used different material versions of Hario V60, like plastic or ceramic, but how about a special ceramic version. I got this special version that made of material called “老岩泥” and used it for a while, and I want to share my thoughts with comparing the regular ceramic Hario V60 (Regular V60).

Material: Regular V60 is made by pottery stone only and the whole dripper is glazed. While 老岩泥 V60 is made by a mixture of sandstone and pottery stone (this mixture is called 老岩泥 and the product is named after it) and only inside of the dripper is glazed. Due to the material and glazing differences, the total weight of 老岩泥 V60 (around 320g) is lighter than the regular V60 (around 370g).

Structure and Ribs: The design of 老岩泥 and regular V60 is the same, they both have 60 degrees angle and 24 spiral ribs, 12 long and 12 short. Size of bottom hole is also the same. The small difference is on the shape of ribs, the ribs on 老岩泥 V60 is sharper like “V”, and the ribs are getting deeper from top to bottom; while the ribs on regular V60 is blunter and wider like “U”, the depth of ribs don’t change from top to bottom. This difference will affect the side flow situation.

Flow rate and Flavours: Based on my testing, the flow rate on regular V60 is 5-7 seconds faster. No big difference from my observation. And for flavours, based on the same coffee, I personally taste brighter acid and stronger overall flavours in the cup from 老岩泥 V60. For the cup from regular V60, I got thicker body and mild, rounded flavours. The aroma in 老岩泥 V60 is sharper and easier to sense when hot compares to regular V60.

Personal tips: For the same coffee, 老岩泥 V60 has a little stronger flavour, a little stronger acid and a little stronger aroma, but the flavour profile won’t change. These differences might cause by the side flow different, or the 老岩泥material can soften the water which brings up the extraction rate, or even both. One thing worth to mention is, many people said the sweetness in 老岩泥 V60 is much stronger than the regular version. Based on my experience, I just don’t feel the difference is that big as they said.

If you are expecting a completely different using experience and flavour in the cup compares to the regular V60, I won’t recommend you to get the 老岩泥. But if you haven't try the regular ceramic V60 and interested in this special mixture material or just amazed by the beautiful outlook. Then I highly recommend you to get one on your collection.