About Us

Rōnin, Japanese. Means wanderer, or drifter.

Hi, I am Leon, a home brewer and a wanderer in coffee world just like you. I always ask myself, what keeps me up early every morning to brew a cup of coffee. For tasting a cup of fresh and delicious coffee? Maybe, but more importantly, is the process that choosing a beautiful brewer, watching the coffee beans cracking in grinder, and listening the coffee dripping sound in the server or coffee cup, this create a great harmony and makes me feel relax and peaceful for the whole day.

I hope you can find the tools that help you to reclaim happiness and peaceful from your busy day. Don't forget to enjoy coffee and enjoy life. Good luck, ronin.

Beauty and functionality

In my point of view, a good coffee tool should have beauty and functionality at the same time. With only functionality, it is just an ordinary part; and with only beauty, it will be a “white elephant” which means good looking but useless.

Ichigo Ichie 一期一會

This phrase means each encounter is unique and it will not ever happen again. We must be grateful for this chance. I also like to use it on the encounter between people and coffee tool. Each time you viewing or purchasing a coffee tool is a great encounter, there is a chance that you might not be able to see this tool next time, so cherish this encounter.