Thoughts on Cafec Flower Dripper and Hario V60

I sometimes received questions like “How Cafec Flower Dripper compares to Hario V60”, “Should I buy Flower Dripper or V60”. As a person who use these two drippers for over two years, just want to share some of my thoughts.

Flower and V60, they are both cone shaped dripper with “not slow” flow rate, and V60 is faster due to the design of the ribs (15 to 20 seconds difference base on my experience). The ribs on Flower Dripper are concave, filter will stick to the grooves more during the brew then less water will leak from the side, so the flow rate will be slower. The ribs on V60 are convex, the ribs will keep filter away from the wall and more water will flow from the side. If you tried Flower Dripper before, you could see the filter stick tightly with the top layer of dripper (similar to Timemore Crystal Eye). On the other hand, V60 doesn’t have this situation so the air flow condition in dripper is smoother. In compensation, the bottom hole of Flower Dripper is larger than V60.


Also due to the ribs design, the flow rate of Flower Dripper will be significantly slow down when water level higher than the red line, which means you can change the flow rate in Flower Dripper, while flow rate in V60 is quite stable overall.

Base on my using experience, Flower Dripper easier to clog with light roasted, high density bean, while V60 appears the floral aroma and refreshing taste from light roast coffee well. On the other hand, many people afraid of over extracting the medium or dark roast coffee so they pour very fast when using V60. But with the fast flow rate of V60, that leads to under extraction in most cases, while Flower Dripper can showcase the body and richness without much effort.

If this is your first dripper and you are looking for an “all-rounder” for different roasting level coffee, I would recommend you V60 which you can find lots of instructions and recipes from different places. If you already got a fast cone shaped dripper like Origami, and looking for another cone shaped dripper that can helps you brew out more body and sweetness, then Flower Dripper will be your choice.

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