Introduction of Cafec Flower Dripper

Flower ribs

The rib of this dripper is a unique flower shape, beside the appearance consideration, it is also one of the most important features. Many drippers’ ribs are bulging from dripper wall, but ribs on flower dripper are gouging out from the wall, which gives more space for coffee blooming, so water can get through coffee ground easily in next pours, which leads to a better extraction. And I think this rib design also makes flower dripper good for medium and dark roast coffees, cause these coffees release more gas when contacted with water and will have more space to expand compare to light roast coffees.



Variable flow rate

The second important features of this dripper is variable flow rate. We can see the ribs are more narrow and dense (and sharp if you touch them) in bottom of the dripper and gradually become more wide and sparse to the top. As the result, the flow rate will become faster when water level at the bottom and slower on the top. The reason behind is dense and sharp ribs at the bottom helps the keep the distance between dripper wall and filter, create more space for air flow and water to get out. For the top, filter stick tightly to the dripper wall so limited space for air and water.

Personal tips

The main trend of the coffee industry is light roast, but I feel Flower Dripper is also, or especially good fit with dark roast coffee. When you rise the water level, the flow rate will become slower that helps you to increase the body and mellow tastes.