Introduction of Kadou M1 Dripper Bone China Version

After few years of Kadou M1 launched, the designer introduced a special version that made by Bone China recently. Even though two versions have similar design, there are some small differences that provide different characteristics to each dripper. I will share some personal opinions for this special version and how does it different to the regular version.


The number of ribs on Bone China version is the same as the regular one; 16 long, 16 short, total 32 ribs. But each rib is made narrower and sharper, and the length of short rib becomes longer, around 5/6 of the long rib. In results, filter and dripper wall has larger contact area and less bypass from the side (slower flow rate) while the airflow inside dripper is still smooth.

Bottom hole

The bottom hole of Bone China version is much smaller than the regular version, and it is because of the change on the design logic. As I mentioned on another post, brewing is all about how we take the solubles from coffee bean. The design logic on regular M1 is fast flow rate, so it has intense rib design and a large hole to let the coffee flow out quickly. But in Bone China version, the rib design was changed to slower the flow rate. That’s why the designer smaller the hole to limit the flow rate again, letting the water on top “squeeze” the solubles out.

Actual brewing compares to regular version

I try to keep two brews under same condition. As the result, regular version finished brewing 7 seconds earlier than the Bone China version. One thing worth to mention is, the flow rate of Bone China version has a noticeable slow down compares to the regular version after the third pour (mid-late stage of that brewing). Flavourwise, regular version is more layered, and has vivid and obvious acidity, tastes refreshing. Bone China version tastes more intense, sweet and nutty flavours enhanced, with smoother mouthfeel and heavier body.

Personal tips

This Bone China M1 and regular M1 are more like blood brother with different characteristics. And it is interesting to see some small differences in design can cause bigger change in flavour, while the flow rate doesn’t change too much. I love to use Bone China version in coffees that has outstanding sweet and body, but as I always said, you can use this dripper in different type of coffees to dig out your own flavour.

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