Introduction of Kadou M1 Dripper

This beautiful dripper has recently been added to the store and I want to share some of my thoughts for your reference.

Dripper’s angle

The opening angle of Kadou M1 is a bit larger than regular V60 drippers (a wider “V”), so technically the height of coffee bed will be lower and the coffee powder will have more space to expand while blooming. Leads to a more even extraction.


The most important feature of this dripper in my opinion. The dripper has total 32 ribs, 16 long and 16 short. Each short rib has almost 2/3 length of the long one, and all 32 ribs are sharp thanks to the unique technique of Hasami-yaki (If you tried Kalita HA101 or 102 before you will have better understanding). The “air channels” created by these ribs help to keep a smooth air flow, which leads to a fast dripper flow rate. The ribs around the bottom are lighter (not as sharp as) than the top, plus there is no short ribs around the bottom, so the flow rate at low water level will be a bit slower.

By the way, the bottom hole is larger than Hario V60, and similar to Origami.

Personal tips

Due to the smooth and fast flow rate, the aroma and acidity of coffee will get emphasized by this dripper, the aroma will become more noticeable and acidity will be brighter and clean. To get that, you need to “pay out” body (less thickness). I prefer using it with flat burr grinder to brew fruity and juicy coffee, gives me excited tasting experience, but you are encouraged to explore different possibilities with different coffee.

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