Thoughts on Sibarist FAST Flat Filter

When you use wave filter on your flat bottom dripper, do you have concern on the side flow (bypass) situation which makes your coffee tastes lighter, or worrying some coffee ground has trapped into the “waves” of filter that leads to uneven extraction. If your answer is yes, then you might be interested in this filter.

Features: The main feature of this filter is “no wave” design, which means you don’t have to worry about the two situations that I mentioned above since they are both caused by the waves of filter. On the other hand, no wave means this filter will stick tightly to the dripper’s wall (most of the flat bottom drippers doesn’t have ribs or only have light “ring” ribs), some people might concern that lack of air circulation will cause very slow flow rate or even clogging. Based on my experience, I haven’t seen any clogging issue on this filter so far. Since it uses the same material that used on Sibarist FAST cone, the permeability is able to support a smooth flow rate.

Flow rate: Compares to traditional wave filters, they both have similar flow rate if there’s no clogging happens (we all know the design of flat bottom dripper doesn’t reflect much on flow rate). The difference is the Sibarist FAST Flat holds normal flow rate longer than traditional wave filters.

Folding: This is an unfolded filter, means you have to fold it first every time before you use it. You can see the folding steps below. My little trick is, there are two kinds of line, horizontal and oblique, just remember to fold horizontal line “in”, and fold oblique line “out”. It could be annoying at your first try, practice few more times then you can do it fast.

(Horizontal line fold “in”, and fold oblique line “out”)

Personal tips: Since the design of this filter let more water stay within coffee bed, I can rise the water level higher for longer immersion style brewing so I can enjoy more body in the final cup. One thing worth to mention is, since the open angle and bottom area is different depends on drippers, you may need to adjust the filter after rinse from time to time.