Thoughts on Sibarist FAST Filter

I have been testing this filter recently and I think some findings are worth to mention:

1. The surface is smooth for both inside and outside of this filter, the texture makes me feel I am touching cloth instead of paper, and it reminds me the texture of old version Cafec Light Roast Filter. Usually, smooth surface means slower flow rate because fines will attach on the inside surface and resist the water flow; however, this filter is different due to its permeability.

2. When we finish rinsing the filter, there will be small amount of water left in the bottom of the filter and this is very common on many filters that we used daily. But for this FAST Filter, the water flow out immediately right after I stop rinsing. This shows a very good permeability and it does surprise me.

3. I tested this filter with Cafec Medium Dark Roast Filter which can also provide smooth and fast flow rate; under the same condition, FAST Filter is around 20 to 25 seconds faster on average. They both show no clogging and smooth flow for the whole brew, but FAST Filter shows faster flow rate from the second pour until the end compares to Cafec Medium Dark Filter. Having said that, the flow rate on FAST Filter will becomes slow at the late stage of brew mainly due to filter stick to dripper's wall tightly. This situation is normal and also happens on other filters, so I think in this stage, no filter can keep a absolute constant flow rate from beginning till end, especially for long brew time.

Personal tips: In my opinion, this filter is very suitable for users who like finer grind and single pour method, and also good fit with light roast, high density coffee bean. In this scenario, you can reach high extraction for a short brew time to get more aroma and refreshing taste. However, I won’t recommend using this filter with slow brewing methods like traditional dripping method. In these methods, I will expect water to flow slowly and let coffee ground “absorb” water as much as possible during blooming, but with this filter, water will flow out from filter quickly and it will cause under extraction and light/sour tastes.