Thoughts on Sibarist Booster 45

This accessory from Sibarist launched to the market at around year end of 2023, specially designed for flat bottom drippers like Kalita wave, Orea and others. Honestly, I buy it as a saviour of my April brewer since April has a problem of clogging on the late stage of brewing (and other users also experienced the same issue).

Speaking of the result, booster 45 does help solving the above issue of April brewer (see above picture of total brew time difference, the top one is with booster). I think the mechanic behind is booster saves the gaps from the bottom hole as the air channels (see the arrow in below picture); while the gaps will be gradually sealed by filter due to gravity if without booster.

For experimental purpose, I tried this booster also on other flat bottom drippers such as Kalita Wave, Torch Mountain, and Timemore B75. And as for the result, the flow rate is identical when with or without booster, but with booster, the overall flavours (both acidity and sweetness) will be strengthened, surprisingly. In this case, I guess the reason is booster helps to keep the shape of the brew bed in dripper. Normally, due to the bottom support or bottom holes, the filter will become a "∩" or "∪" shape gradually and it affects the shape of the brew bed. While booster helps maintain the shape of filter and brew bed during the whole process, it does helps even extraction somehow.

For these group of people I think you might have some fun for getting a booster 45: April brewer owner who has concern of clogging issue; multiple flat bottom drippers owner who constantly looking for new toy. If you only have one flat bottom dripper and/or you feel satisfied with your dripper, then think twice before your purchase.

Personal tip: This booster is very thin and lightweight, and it will stick with the paper filter after brewing, just make sure you took it off before you throw the filter.