Thoughts on Fellow Stagg Wooden Handle & Regular Handle

After Fellow provides a wooden handle option for new customers to purchase and existing users to upgrade on their kettles, I saw more and more people went with the wooden option. I have to say it looks pretty and it is worth to upgrade if you like wood accents and have the budget. However, the weight on the handles brought up my attention after I got my wooden handle and installed on my Corvo. 

The weight of regular Fellow Kettle's handle is around 160g (and this is one of its features "weighted handle", while wooden handle weighted around 70g. When we pour water from kettle, the weight will be concentrated on the front-bottom of the kettle. With the weighted handle, there will be a certain level of balance in kettle's front and back which helps to control the kettle; but with wooden handle, the weight will only stay on the front due to the light weight handle, see below:

(Balance in certain level)

(Weight on the front)

I am not trying to criticize the design since it has a large user group and seems most of the people have no problem with it. This is just a reminder to people who want to change their handle that, you will feel quite different on the new wooden handle. For me, I am ok with my new Corvo since I only use it to boil water, and I probably won't change the handle for my stagg kettle.