Thoughts on Cafec 102 Dripper and Kalita HA 102 Dripper

Cafec 102 Dripper and Kalita HA 102 Dripper are both new fan shaped drippers that suitable for various levels of roasting. They are quite similar in some points but still have their own unique features.

Similar points:
They both have sturdy ribs on all four sides of dripper’s wall and strong bottom support, which help to prevent the filter sticks to the dripper’s wall and keeps good air flow condition within the dripper. So the flow rate of two drippers can be smooth.

However, we can see the differences from:


Dripper angle: From the picture above, we can clearly see the opening of Cafec 102 is narrower and the dripper angle is steeper compared to Kalita HA 102, which means under the same amount of coffee, the coffee bed on Cafec 102 will be higher.


Bottom: Cafec 102 has a larger bottom area and holes compared to Kalita HA 102. With similar overall flow rate, the immersion time on Kalita HA 102 will longer than Cafec 102.

Personal tips: Even though two drippers are fan shaped drippers, with some small structure differences, the overall feeling of Cafec 102 is closer to cone shaped dripper, provides a relatively layered, sharp flavours cup. While Kalita HA 102 is closer to flat bottom dripper, with longer immersion time, provides a balanced and mellow flavours cup.