Origami Dripper: Cone shaped filter or Wave filter?


There are two main arguments on V paper and W paper. For V, some people think the bottom ribs on Origami Dripper is too thin (and it does thinner than Hario V60), so the filter will fill in the bottom hole which leads to a slower flow rate or clogging. And for W, people think the ribs on filter perfectly fit in the sunken space of dripper, so the hot air has no space to release and the air flow is not smooth in dripper, which also leads to a slower flow rate. I also keep my eyes on this in my daily use. During these two years, I seldom find V paper fill in the bottom hole tightly, especially the “folding line” of V paper is thicker and harder, so that side won’t stick to the dripper wall. For W paper, after we rinse the filter, we can see the filter fits the sunken space so well and tight, especially the bottom part. Base on my experience, it won’t usually clog but it does slow down the flow rate. I did side by side testing for few times, and I use different V papers like Kono and Cafec Abaca versus Kalita Wave paper. V paper is always 10-15 second faster, and I also found that W paper started to slow down on the second pour while V paper shows this trend on the third pour. However, different methods will lead to different results. Results above are just from my past experiences.


By using the same coffee, flavours from V paper taste cleaner, refreshing and thinner body. Also due to the structure of V paper (higher coffee bed), the flavours will be more layered. On the other hand, the flavours are strong and intense, with a heavier body and muddier compare to V paper.

Personal thoughts

I personally use V paper more because with V paper, Origami is a nice fast flow rate cone shaped dripper. But if I want a strong and intense cup, Kalita Wave or Blue Bottle Dripper will be a better choice than Origami + W paper on that direction. This post is more for the people who want to know more on Origami, for people who already have Origami, please try more and find your own answer.