Introduction of Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper

Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper is a very unique product in the market since it is one of very few drippers that purely made by wood. Every dripper is handcrafted by the skilled local craftsmen. From the way they cut and trim the wood, then carefully apply the blade to shape the contour of dripper, you can feel their confident and passion.

Structure: Technically, this dripper is a conical dripper and used with cone shaped filter most of the time, some people used it with Wave filter which works, but I personally do not prefer. As for rib design, instead of classic straight line or spiral ribs, Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper uses horizontal “ring” ribs which will reduce the flow rate. The ribs are working as a “speed bump”, the water flow will be stopped for a bit every time they reach the ring. The ribs are denser on the top half then on bottom half; plus, when water level raise, the pressure will push the filter and makes it stick tightly with dripper wall. So the flow rate on this dripper is gradually become faster when water goes down.

Personal tips: There are two directions of brewing on this dripper, one is using small pour to keep a low water level, this way the flow rate will be smooth and can taste more acid flavour. The other one is using big pour to rise the water level quickly; this is an immersion-style brewing so the taste will be strong and intense with heavier body. In general, the flavour from Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper will tend to be round and heavy compared to other fast conical drippers due to its design, so I personally prefer the latter way to make good use of its advantage. The designer of this dripper recommend using dripping method on brewing, in my understanding it helps to fully release the gas and largely extend the contact time of coffee and water. In this way the coffee will has more “mellow taste”.

Wood smell and taste: After using it for three to four times, the wood taste will be minimized to imperceptible level, but the wood smell still exist especially when brew time is long. I use this dripper mainly with dark roast since the wood smell goes well with earthy and nutty aroma.