Introduction of Yasukiyo Kamiotoshi Dripper

We have seen drippers like Phoenix 70 and Mt.Fuji that remove the wall and ribs, replaced by a simple structured frame to support the filter so we can get more control on the water flow. What if we take one step further, remove the frame and use the paper filter itself as a dripper just like nel drip. Now you can find this on Yasukiyo Kamiotoshi Dripper.

Design: This dripper only has two components, one small and one big wooden ring. They work as a clip to fix the paper filter without contacting the coffee bed and water. The purpose of this design is to maximize our control of the water flow. To explain this, first we need to know there are two things in dripper that mainly affect the water flow, ribs and bottom hole. Shape of ribs affect the direction of flow and the size of bottom hole affect the speed of flow. For Kamiotoshi, it has no rib and bottom hole, only paper filter itself, so your pouring style will largely affect the water flow. And this dripper is originally designed for many Japanese baristas who focus on “just right” amount of water for blooming and water penetration inside dripper. From above we can understand the keyword of the dripper’s design is “control”.

Personal tips: One interesting points of this dripper is different paper filters will have larger effects on its flow rate compares to other traditional drippers (drippers that have wall), in other words, we can switch different filters for different needs. For example, use smooth and fast filters like Cafec Abaca to prevent over extraction, or use cotton filters for heavier body and smooth mouthfeel. That also makes it a good tool to showcase the features of filters.

Since the flow rate on this dripper is reflecting your pouring, you can choose your favourite ways to pour, fast or slow, circle or central. But that also means you need to understand what flavours you are expecting from this brew and why you are using this pouring method at this moment. For example, first pour after blooming, I want to rise the water level and let water immerse the whole coffee bed to get all coffee ground started to be extracted, but I don’t want to stir the coffee bed too strong and let the fines move around. So I will need to slowly do few small circle pours then keep the water in center. Just my personal opinion though, using this dripper can keep you think before and during the brew.