Introduction of LiLi Dripper

Design: The design of LiLi Dripper take reference from Melitta Nr. 102 Dripper which sold from 1934 to 1938. It is surprised that a design idea from almost 90 years ago can still be used in current days, but on the other hand, it shows how timeless this design is.

The design has a steeper dripper angle than Kalita Wave, with 48 ribs (8 main ribs, 16 long support ribs and 24 short support ribs), and 8 bottom holes. 8 main ribs are the strongest and longest ribs, they extend to the bottom and gather as the bottom support, the difference on support ribs is length, long support ribs extend to the bottom and the short ribs not. The concept of the design is to use intense ribs to keep a smooth airflow and 8 holes are for medium and stable flow rate, even one or two holes stuck the other are still working. The differences that LiLi made compared to Melitta are higher bottom support and smaller bottom holes. I think the adjustment on bottom support is to ensure a smooth flow rate and smaller holes are to micro adjust the flow rate slower, for modern light roast coffee.
Brewing: On brewing side, LiLi Dripper takes both fan shaped 102 filter and wave filter 185. The manufacturer set fan shaped filter as default and I also recommend pairing this dripper with fan shaped filter. Based on my using experience, under the same conditions, the flow rate when using fan shaped filter will be 10s to 15s slower than wave filter.

Aroma: Wave > Fan Shaped
Acidity: Fan Shaped > Wave
Sweetness: Fan Shaped > Wave (let’s say the overall strength of flavours is fan shaped better)
Body: Fan Shaped > Wave

When using the same method, the cup from wave is always a bit “watery” compares to fan shaped, the reason might be the “waves” in wave filter. Due to the waves in wave filter, water can easily run from the side and flow out from the bottom holes (especially LiLi Dripper has eight) without passing through the coffee ground, while fan shaped filter does not have the same issue and can make full use of the 48 ribs on the side. Also due to the steep dripper angle, the “waves” on wave filter will become different, which adding more instability on brewing. 
Personal thought: In my opinion, LiLi Dripper is a flat bottom dripper with medium-fast flow rate. When using this dripper you can worry less about clogging and easier to get a clean, layered flavour compares to some other flat bottom drippers. Some points you should pay attention is, folding fan shaped filter to fit this dripper takes a bit of time, and if you don’t like the OEM plastic base, it is hard to find a wood base that fits the dripper.