Introduction of Kalita Hasami 102 Dripper

Speaking about fan shaped (trapezoid) dripper, people always think of heavy and strong tasted coffee, some people even think it was specially designed for dark roast coffee. Kalita Hasami 102 is the "new" fan shaped dripper that created to break those biases.

Dripper's production background

"Hasami" in its name means this dripper is made in Hasami town in Japan. The pottery kilns in Hasami town are famous in Japan because of its high quality and the secret is in a pottery stone (raw material of ceramic) called "Amasa". The ceramic ware that made by Amasa pottery stone has nice transmittancy, thin but solid.

Special features

Thanks to Amasa pottery stone, the ribs and bottom support of Kalita Hasami 102 dripper are sharp and narrow, compare to the "old" fan shaped drippers which have light and unobvious ribs and bottom support. This special design make sure the filter won't stick to the dripper wall tightly and keep the air flow smoothly within the dripper, especially during the late stage of brewing when the wet filter affected by gravity and more likely to stick to the dripper wall. As the result, Kalita Hasami 102 dripper has faster flow rate in general compare to the "old" type fan shaped drippers. 

In my personal opinion, it is a very "balanced" dripper which can present the floral aroma and acidity tastes to some extent (better than old fan shaped drippers but not as strong as cone shaped dripper) but still can keep the body and creamy mouthfeel.