Introduction of Hakka-Life Night Shine Dripper


On Night Shine Dripper, Hakka-Life bring back the “half-length rib” design like their earlier product Six Ridges Dripper, but with some amendments. First, the number of ribs increased to 12, and each rib has built strong and sharp, which provides a good supporting to filter on the bottom half of dripper (you can tell from the big and even air pocket in the photo). Second, only 6 ribs extended to the bottom hole, other 6 stopped at the edge of the hole. They are identical except for length; the reason of this design is to reserve more space for the bottom hole so the flow won’t be restricted. Third, the bottom hole also gets enlarged for a fast and smooth flow rate. The suppose of the new design is to accelerate the flow rate in low water level while restricting the flow rate and side flow on high water level, so the layers of flavour can be emphasized. 
Personal tips:

The new rib and bottom hole design does surprise me with a fast flow rate in low water level. With its variable flow rate mechanism, I usually keep the first half water in a low water level with two pours (excluding blooming) to rise the extraction quickly; then pour the second half in another two pours and keep the water level within no rib zone to let immersion does its job. Or if you are looking for a light flavour cup, then do less pour and keep the water level in no rib zone for longer time to reduce the extraction.