Introduction of Hakka-Life Kiriko Dripper

The name of this dripper “Kiriko” (切子) is actually a traditional Japanese craft of cutting glass, the glasses (切子グラス) that been through this process will have their unique pattern and once the light gone through the surface of the kiriko glasses, the reflection will look like kaleidoscope. By naming after this method, we can also see the amazing reflection when light placed on this Kiriko Dripper.

Light reflection


- Kiriko Dripper use “diamond” shaped ribs, not the widely used line or gouge. The diamonds are solid and sharp so a single diamond can prop up a small area between the dripper wall and filter, just like a tent. And multiple diamonds together can create a larger area to create a smooth air flow condition. Also due to the diamond shaped ribs, the water is not going down straight, theoretically the water will have longer contact time with coffee.

- Total 19 teeth on the bottom hole help to fix the position of filter to prevent it stucking the bottom hole.

- The middle part of the dripper has a little curve shape instead of a complete straight line, it gives the coffee some room to expand so they won’t get together too close. It is for better extraction.

Personal tips:

This dripper has an overall medium-fast flow rate, but as the diamond shaped ribs getting large but sparser from bottom to the top, the flow rate on the top will be a bit slower compares to lower water level. In other word it is a fast version “variable speed” dripper. It will be a fun tool to use for those who know what will happen when the flow rate change, but I personally not recommend to get it as your first dripper.