Introduction of Blue Bottle Dripper

Been using this Blue Bottle Dripper for over a year, want to share some of my thoughts.

1. The dripper has 40 ribs (20 long and 20 short), and the filter also has 40 ribs (20 “in” and 20 “out”). That’s why you might see the ribs on filter actually fits the ribs on dripper one by one. We seldom see straight line ribs on flat bottom drippers cause these drippers use the ribs on filter to keep the air flow. It might be used to lead the water flow instead.

2. This dripper has a flat bottom with a single small hole, and the bottom support is high enough to prevent the filter stick to the dripper, so the flow rate of it is smooth but slow. Also due to this design, the way you pour and how strong you pour doesn’t affect the flow rate too much. Pour and pause will affect the strength and layers of the flavours by a bit, but overall the flavours from this dripper is pretty consistent. 

Personally speaking, I will say this dripper is a nice dripper for chain store since it produces consistent results without much effort. For home brewers, I do recommend it to people who like to brew a nice cup of coffee without play and study too much on their dripper. Does it playful enough, every user will have their own answer, but at least not enough for me.

P.S. For the Blue Bottle Filter, even though the papery taste is much lesser than Kalita Wave Filter, I still recommend to rinse it.

P.P.S. If you feel the dripper is not white colour, yes, it is Kiyosumi grey edition.