Introduction of Beasty Coffee Dripper

Ribs: We have seen many types of rib on dripper, like straight line, spiral, flower shaped, and this one is stair shaped, which is new to me and it is the one thing I remember the most when I first see this dripper. Each rib is like a step and there is height difference between each step. We can see there are black and white parts after filter was rinsed, black part means the filter stick to the dripper wall tightly and white part means there is a space that air and water can pass through. The height difference between steps is big enough to create a gap even the filter is nicely fit to the dripper, so the stair design does keep the airflow well and it maintains well during the brew. One more thing that I like about the rib design is, the filter fits dripper wall very well without extra works.

Bottom hole: The bottom hole of beasty dripper is small and long, the appearance of dripper without metal stand is very similar to a funnel, so we won’t see the filter poke out. The ribs on the bottom are quite dense but also light (not sharp), that’s why filter will “fill up” the bottom hole at the late brewing stage. It won’t cause clogging issue though, just flow rate will slow down a bit.

Personal tips: This dripper shows the mellowness of coffee pretty well, so I use it on coffees that have strong chocolate and nutty tastes more often. As I mentioned above, the special ribs of this dripper help create a smooth air and water flow and also limited the bypass, with the small bottom hole, this dripper is quite suitable for starters who still learning how to control their pouring.