First impression on Loveramics dripper series

I always feel excited to try new coffee tools especially there are three of them, I have used them quite a lot during these time and now I want to share my first impression of them. 

Strong Dripper

Strong dripper has the slowest flow rate of the three and we can find it from the dripper's rib. The little dots are working as "speed bumps", or if you saw the pins on those pinball machines, you will have better understanding of how this dripper works. From my personal experience, the flow rate of strong drippers is similar to V60 Kasuya model (not the regular one).

As the dripper's name present, this dripper makes flavours become stronger due to the longer brew time. I have used it to brew Ethiopian coffee and it emphasize the sweet taste and rich body while losing some floral aroma and refreshing feeling.

Mellow Dripper

Mellow has the fastest flow rate of the three, and I feel the speed is similar to Origami. The design of the ribs looks like fish scales and the shape of scales is wide on top then gradually becomes narrow to the bottom, you can feel the "down force" by just looking at the ribs. There is a point on the connected place of two "fish scales" and they prevent the filter from sticking to the dripper wall. I think that makes the fast flow rate of this dripper.

Due to the fast flow rate, this dripper provide outstanding aroma and layered flavours. If the flavour from Strong Dripper is like a strong punch, Mellow is more like "one-two" combo.

Smooth Dripper

Smooth Dripper, the one that has the medium flow rate in the series and it is also my personal pick of the three (I like things that in medium level).

The design of the ribs is like unbloomed flower with straight line. Like Mellow Dripper, the function of the ribs is still leading water to flow downward, but the ribs on Smooth is lighter than Mellow especially on the bottom, I think that's why the flow rate of Smooth is a bit slower than Mellow.

Talking about flavour, the biggest feature of Smooth Dripper is no feature, that makes it a perfect "fit all" dripper. I brewed it with Panama Geisha, I felt noticeable but not strong floral aroma, mild acidity with nice sweetness, and rich mouthfeel.

For this Loveramics series, I do recommend getting all three to feel the difference and play around, but if you just want one and don't know which one to buy, then I will recommend the Smooth Dripper.