Filter test: Origami vs Cafec Medium-Dark vs Kono

The main characters of this filter test are Origami filter (Origami), Cafec Medium-Dark Roast filter (Cafec M) and Kono filter (Kono). These three filters have very similar texture, and they are widely used by coffee lovers, so it is fun to test them.

Thickness: Origami>Kono>Cafec M
Roughness: Cafec M>Origami=Kono
They all have similar roughness for inside, but Cafec M is rougher in outside surface.

Speed: Cafec M>Origami>Kono
Under same condition, Cafec M is faster than Origami within 10 sec, and both of them faster than Kono for around 20 sec. Cafec M and Kono is stable throughout the brew, Origami was fast at the beginning and became slower.

Aroma: Origami>Cafec M>Kono
Acidity: Origami>Cafec M>Kono
Sweetness: Cafec M>Kono>Origami
Body: Kono>Cafec M>Origami
Origami shows more acidity at front and has the cleanest cup of the three. The sweetness in Cafec M is the most outstanding with nice aftertaste. The flavour in Kono is a bit muddy and more in sweet side but has the best creamy mouthfeel and heaviest body. The result in Kono is very similar to cotton filter.

This test is just for your reference, I also recommend you to try all three filters by yourself and find out your favourite.