Choose your right kettles: Kettle spout

On previous article we have talked about different types of kettle neck, so this time let’s talk about kettle spout. After all, they all linked together to make a kettle works. Recommend you to read the previous article first, since this article will mention some related content like kettle's neck type. 

Here are some common types in market, since there is no official name, I just named them by myself:

Wide Spout

You can find this spout in Yukiwa M3/5/7 or Kalita copper pot 0.7L. The spout opening is wide and the curve of the spout (the "U" part) is gentle. This spout usually comes with "Elephant nose" kettle neck to make sure the kettle neck won't restrict the water stream. The stream range is wide and the water comes out gently is its strength, but you will need a very stable hand to make good use of it. 

Small stream

Large stream

Pelican Spout

You can find this spout in Kalita Pelican, Kalita wave pot or Tsukiusagi jirushi stainless steel version. I named it after a classic kettle "Kalita Pelican". This spout also comes with elephant nose kettle neck, but different from wide spout, it has a narrow opening so it is easier for dripping. Or you can see it as a "squeezed" wide spout. The stream range is also wide, but do pay attention, as the stream becomes larger, the "down force" will be stronger and the water stream will acts like a stirring stick. 


Small stream

Large stream (impactful)

Narrow Spout

You can see this spout in Takahiro Shizuku, Kalita copper pot 900 and Fellow Stagg. This spout comes with needle type kettle neck to further restrict the water stream. The narrow opening makes it very easy to control, you don't need much effort to do the dripping or get a stable water stream. However, the stream range is extremely limited, you can only pour small stream from these type of spout. When you try to use water stream to stir the coffee ground, you won't be able to do that.


Can only do small stream

Medium spout

This might be the most common spout in the market. You can see this spout in Takahiro regular, Kinto pour over kettle, Hario buono and many other kettles. The opening of this spout is in between of wide spout and narrow spout, and the curve of spout is gentler than pelican. Stream range is a little narrower than wide spout but still wide, you can use it in almost every method. No special feature is the feature of this spout (I mean it in a good way).


Small stream

Medium stream

Large stream

Personal thoughts:

Every type of spout has their own usage, like if you are looking to rise the water level without stirring the coffee ground too much to reach a immersion situation, a wide spout kettle will be your friend. Or you would like to try traditional dripping method but your hand is not steady as rock, then you might want to try narrow spout. However, wider spout can pour smaller stream; narrower spout can't pour large stream. If you only plan to get one kettle, or if you just get started with your pour over journey, I will suggest to start with a kettle with medium spout. Get practice to make your hand steady, not rely on tools.

And another suggestion is, choose the kettle that you love its looking. If you like the kettle, you will use it a lot; if you use this kettle very often, it will becomes a good kettle to you. 

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