Choose your right kettles: Kettle neck

We use “goose neck kettle” as a general name but there are actually many different types of “neck” for coffee kettles and they have different performance. Here are some types we commonly seen. (The names below are created by me, not the official name.)

“Elephant nose” e.g., Yukiwa M5, Kalita Copper 700: This type of neck has a large bottom part which means more water can be contained there when we pour, so the stream can be very small or very big depends on your need. The spout with this neck is usually flat and wide so the water stream will be less impactful. But it is also hard to control and require a very stable hand.

“Needle type” e.g., Takahiro Shizuku, Cafec Tsubame Pro: The neck is long and thin, it restricts the water stream from the root so you can do a very stable and precise pour without much practicing, and it is also helpful on the traditional drip method. However, it can’t produce big stream and the water will be impactful at one point (too much agitation in one place).

“Goose neck” e.g., Takahiro, Kinto Pour Over Kettle: The most common type we can see in the market. We can control the size of the stream; the range is not wide as “Elephant nose” type but good enough for most cases. Need some practices to handle, but the process will be short if you use it every day.

In conclusion, the “Goose neck” is more of an all-purpose type, and the other two are more used on specific cases and methods. But there are also special cases for each type due to the spout and handle design, will talk about these two topics in the future.