Cafec Light Roast Filter: Old vs New

If you purchased Cafec Light Roast Filter a while ago, and recently got one new bag, you might already realize that the packaging has little differences. Actually, not only packaging, but the filter itself also changed.

Texture: The new version (Has “T-92” on packaging) is thicker than old version (Has only “Light Roast” on packaging). You can touch and clearly feel that. And the inside of old version is smooth like silk while new version is rougher, touch similar to the dark roast filter.

Actual brewing: From my experience, the new version is 46 seconds slower than the old version. This result can be vary between methods but it at least shows that the flow rate between two filters has quite a bit difference.

Some thoughts: The main direction of light roast filter remain unchanged, extend the brew time to increase the extraction rate and filter more microfine to make a cleaner cup. Just the new version emphasizes more on body and sweetness, while giving up a bit acidity.

We have already sold out all old version, and the Light Roast Filter that we selling right now are new version.