Little trick to make April Brewer flows smoother

I purchased April Brewer right after it launched, but I actually seldom use it because I found it clogs a lot even in the early stage of the brew. Recently I bring it out and trying to find out the possible reasons of clogging. I noticed that after I rinse the filter (Kalita Wave 185 Filter), the edge of filter sticks to the dripper wall quite well, makes it acting like an air seal (see the blue circle in below picture).

Even the waves which suppose to act as the air channels are sticking to the wall (see the blue arrows).

Based on this situation, I decided to give a little upward push to the filter to "release" the bottom air seal. I use a little stick to poke the filter through the bottom hole of the brewer. 

I have tried this method for three times, and it works well especially in early and middle stage of the brew. I did five pours on each brew, and I saw the flow rate was significantly faster on the first three pours, and the whole brew is around 15 to 20 seconds faster compares to the brew that not doing it.

It is not a perfect solution. If your method is immersion style slow brew then the flow rate can still become slow after three minutes. But I still think it is worth a try especially it cost you nothing.