Interesting pour with sifter

This is an interesting pour over that will make good use of sifter and fines. Here is how I do it step by step:

1. Grind coffee. I used 28 clicks on C40 this time. You can grind finer or coarser depends on your preference but personally not recommend too coarse (not over 32), will explain that later.

2. Move the coffee ground into the sifter, shake it. The longer you shake, the more micro fines will be produced. Put the fines aside, will use it later.

3. I did the blooming and 4 pours method as usual, but I added the fines back to coffee bed after first pour.

The principal of this method is we know that micro fines is one of the major reasons of clogging and over extraction, so we take it out from the beginning. However, fines is also a source of flavour complexity, we need to find a good time to add it back, so it can contribute to the flavour without causing trouble. When is the “good time”? It depends on your recipe and amount of fines. Too early will be no difference or even worse than “no sift” since you already collect the fines together, too late might lead to a very flat flavour. This method can fit with your recipe either you like one single pour or pour & pause, with only two extra steps: take the fines out before brew and add it back in a nice timing. Just try, it will be fun.

One more thing of this method is when we take out the fines, the flow rate will be much smooth and faster than usual. If we grind too coarse, the result might be under extraction even we add the fine back in early stage.